• Kevin Luke

Haunted by your past

Updated: Jan 9, 2019

Do you allow your past to determine your future. Some, I would say most, can live through a traumatic, if not devastating events in there life and be haunted by these events for years, if not the rest of their life

For myself, in the past, I could be driving down the highway and I will see a road, another highway or just areas where I used to travel and or live and all of a sudden I would be overwhelmed with memories of the past, memories of my former self. They were not necessarily good memories, but the painful ones that I had lived through. It was so vivid it was like I was reliving them at that moment even though they happened, in some cases, decades ago. Check out my book The Lord will provide. Just follow the following link, it will take you to the amazon site where it is being offered. While there check out some of the other books and products they offer


I would go through, in my mind, the mistaks that I made, how the effected and harmed me, those that I love so dear as well as others around me. It became so bad that for years I found myself unable to make a decision for fear that I would make the wrong ones, as I had done in the past, which would bring more pain to others as well as myself. It was like I was stuck in this endless downward spiral and the same problems and results would just happen over and over.

Have you ever ever felt this way?

unable to move on and get over your past and the choices that you made, the mistakes that you made? How has or is this affected your decisions and choices now and in the future? Is your mind putting roadblocks up that keep you from making the decisions that can give you a fulfilled life?

I cannot help you with your past, but through life coaching I can help you to modify your thinking about the future, and work with you to comfortably move on from the past so you can have that fulfilling future that we all desire.

A friend of mine uses the song from Wiked, Defying Gravity Below is the link to the music from broadway


Defying Gravity, is very fitting. At times our mind uses its perception of our past and the mistakes we made to determine our future. It tries to keep us safe and grounded so we don’t experience the same pain again The problem is as long as we are held down in one spot, grounded, it is hard for us to move on, move past, the pain we experienced, as long as the gravity of our mind holds us we continue to relive the past over and over.

I came to the conclusion, after being held down for a number of years that it was time for me to defy gravity and break out into a new and brighter future and I’m sure I can assist you to do the same. Go to my website yourfulfilledlife.com and schedule a life coach session

Now it is early January, we are through the husle and bustle of the holiday season, we are in kind of a lull it is a time to rest up, work on our new year resolutions, if they have not been broken already. I can help with keeping those resolutions through my life coaching, yourfulfilledlife.com it is al good to have a support system in place when one is making life changes. It is hard to change on ones own.

Soon in tax season will be upon us. the mangled mess that is the tax code can be stressful to navigate. I have an Accounting degree and it still can be stressful at times. It is nice that they now have computer programs to help you to navigate the multitude of regulations so you can get your money back from the government. If you are interested in trying one I will make it simple here is a link to turbo tax on amazon check it out and give it a try so your can get through this and enjoy life once again


I hope you have a great year and check out my website yourfulfilledlife.com and schedule a session today

thanks for your time