• Kevin Luke

Make your dreams a reality by setting goals

You are never too old to set another goal or to dream a new dream.


When I was 19 I was at a lecture, the one giving the lecture was successful, well off financially, He was a self made man. He came from a working class background and, as far as I know, did not attend college. He started working in the construction trades when he was in High School and from there gained experience and by his mid 20’s he had opened his own successful business.

In this conference we were hearing about how to become successful in life. This man, giving the lecture, on how he became successful in his life. He was telling us how he set the goals for life from the time that he was young, he continually reviewed his goal to make sure he was on track. Through this he was able to attain these goals and success in life.

He told us that we should sit down and come up with two lists of goals. One list is for our short term goals, the ones we would like to attain within the next five to ten years. The second list was our long term goals, where we see ourselves beyond the 10 year mark.

As an energetic teenager I went home that night thinking I have to key to success in life here this rich business man just told me how to attain everything that I wanted out of life. I figured I was all set, I was going to make all this money, live the life of my dreams and retire by the time I was 45 and travel the world.

At home I sat down that night and began thinking and writing late into the night. I came up with my two lists. I had my whole life planned out, what I was going to do, when I was going to do it. When I was going to get married and how many kids that I was going to have, among many other things. Then I set this list aside and went to bed all excited thinking, dreaming about how wonderful my life was going to be.

For the next few weeks I would diligently check and review my two lists to see if I was working towards my goals, which in my mind I was. Then over the next few months I checked them less and less until I set them down one day and forgot about them.

I opened the notebook and found these two long lost lists that I had scribbled down. It was like opening up a time capsule from the distant past, a message from the naïve me

At that time I was working in a business that I never dreamed that I would be in, it was the family business and I never wanted to work there. I went into it as a way to make some money until I figured out what I wanted to do with my life and The years just passed and I was still there over 10 years later. To this point in my life I was kind of wandering aimlessly though life. My life was directing me rather than me directing my life.

Looking to the past and my dreams of youth I found that in some ways I had achieved some goals, not quite how I had imagined but the majority of my goals never made it out of the dream stage to become reality.

Without a set of defined goals in life, that we work towards and follow, many will wander aimless through life jumping from time one thing to another. I know that was the case with me. I was going through life from one job or career to another, trying this trying that. Moving from one relationship to another looking for someone to start a family with. I had no defined goals or direction that I was headed towards. Just a general idea of what I wanted.

In spite of me not taking control and guiding my life into the direction that I wanted it to go. I still had some success, because I knew that the Lord always provided for me even in some of my stupid actions. Check out my book, the Lord will provide, it is available on Amazon in both Kindle and Paperback

On Medium.com , Nara Lee published, 5 Simple ways to set goals and how to achieve them. In there she said the following:

Why is Goal Setting so important? In life, you are either part of somebody else’s plan, or you are part of your plan. People who don’t set goals, tend to “go with the wind”, and believe that life happens to them, or that whatever they have or don’t have is due to a matter of “luck”. Imagine, two sailboats on the Ocean. One says “I want to go to the Bahamas” and it sets sails to the Bahamas, and it gets there. The other one, never even thought about the fact that it is important to have direction, goes to the ocean, enjoys each day at a time and just “goes with the flow”. A few weeks later, it landed in Afghanistan.

Ask yourself, where do y want to go or be in life?

Do you have set goals in mind?

How do you plan on achieving those goals?

This will is something to think about. Actually, more than think about, because thinking about something is just dreaming, dreaming only gives one a false sense of security for the future, it is not reality. I can dream all day about laying on a beach in the Bahamas but unless I do something about it I will remain laying on my bed in the suburbs of Chicago looking outside on a cold and snowy day.

Action is needed to take this dream of laying on the beach, with a lovely woman of my dreams at my side and a tropical drink in my hand. So how do I get from a 14 degre snowy day in Chicago to the Bahamas?

I set that as a goal in my life

In order to make your dreams a reality, what ever the dream may be, takes a great deal of thinking, planning and achieving. That is where a life coach is vital. As a life coach I will sit down with you discuss your dreams, find our what goals that you want to achieve. I will help you come up with your goals, we will discuss the pitfalls and hinderances to you achieving your goals and I will give you support and encouragement so you can achieve your goals and make your dreams a reality

There is a process that we have as life coaches to help you achieve the goals that you set for yourself. It is called the Grow model as described in blog iqmatrix

“G” Phase 1: Establish Your Goal

“R” Phase 2: Explore Your Reality

“O” Phase 3: Consider Your Options

“W” Phase 4: Pave the Way Forward

I know that sound sounds Kind of easy to do on you own, it always sounds and looks easy, at least until you begin the work on yourself. That is the key, to work on yourself. In many cases in order to achieve the goals in life, to make your dreams a reality, you have to change yourself, what you have always known, what you have always done. This is not an easy task

Why do we need to change ourselves? Why am I sitting in Chicago in the middle of February in 14 degree weather, instead of wintering on a beach in the Bahamas? Because what I have done in the past, what I’m doing now isn’t helping me achieve my goals, it has not helped me transform my dreams into reality!

So exactly what are your dreams what do you want out of life? Brainstorm a bit, write them down. Also, write down what you like about your life right now on one list and make a third list of what you don’t like about your life and would like to change.

Number each list, with number 1 being the most important being, and the least important being number 10. Form this we have a basis to set up your goals and make your dreams become a reality. Now go to my website, your fulfilled life, and sign up for a life coaching session, or for a better deal a series of sessions under the plans and pricing tab and let’s begin to transform your life to what you always wanted it to be.

I must warn you, the path to a more fulfilling Life, a life where your dreams become your own special reality, is not always easy. The first obstacle that you have to over come is your own mind, telling you this is stupid, it cannot be done, you are where you are in life and that cannot be changed. Why consider this life coaching thing? Life coaches have been working with people, some very wealthy, to achieve their dreams and peace in their life for decades. It is time that you take control of your life and live the life that you always dreamed about.

The next thing that will happen, I have experienced this in my own life, that when you begin the journey to fulfilling your dreams, your journey to changing your life for the better, some of your family, and your friends, will begin to make negative comments to you. They will say that this is silly, that it cannot be done, that you are following pipe dreams . They will do this because they are not following their own dreams and have relegated themselves to the humdrum of society.

They do not seek to rise above the crowd and become exceptional in their lives. Those people who are always satisfied to just go along with the herd will always put down the few that seek to rise above and live their own lives rather than the lives that society says that they should have.

It is now time to begin your journey to becoming someone special, a cut above the rest. Its time to take hold of your life and live your life as you believe it should be lived. Let us begin this journey together to become part of the 10% who rise above everyone else and fulfill their dreams by making them a reality. Just click here, Your fulfilled life, and sign up for my sessions. As a special, I will give anyone who signs up for one of my paid plans, a free 30 minute introductory session.