• Kevin Luke

Swamp Monster - first installment

Chapter One — The book of Trevor

August 8, 2017

I’m Trevor Duke, I feel that I need to write this down in the event, or rather when I fear they come for me. I really don’t know what is going to happen, I have known them for so long, a lifetime. They protected me, helped me, but I had to cut off my relationship with them. Too much death and destruction and what they are planning I cannot be a part of!

People, just too many people, being crunched closer and closer together, anger, hatred is growing at a steady pace, there is so much death and destruction today I just cannot be a part of anymore. School shootings, terrorism, senseless killings on the streets of our cities. All of this on top of the raping of our environment and the destruction of the once vibrant countryside. It must be stopped, it must change, but is the answer of doing such, and causing more pain, death and destruction?

They told me that their reasons for this is that mankind has caused destruction upon this once beautiful planet. He has initiated indiscriminate destruction upon all other life that shares this little blue island in the darkness of the universe. Man has become an evil vile creature and now with fewer and fewer things to kill and destroy, he has turned to focusing destruction and death upon other humans. The life on this planet has been beaten back and suffered greatly and is now Gathering to revolt against the rule of man and take back which was once theirs. Be careful the time has come to pay our debt to nature

August 9, 2017

The Government is corrupt and not helping, protecting the people, the government only looks out for the Government and increasing its own power of the people. The Government lies to the people, as it lied to them so many years ago! All it does is take and take more all the time, it is like a giant black hole that that sucks in the life an energy from all around just feeding itself and never satisfied.

They say that they will stop it, but how? There is to few of them now and their domain has been stolen from them, so now those that are left only live in a few dispersed area’s around the continent. I know that they will only cause more death, more pain and they are the ones that will be destroyed in the end. There is no one or nothing that can withstand the power of the establishment. I must stop them, but how?

I told them as much and that is why they want to get rid of me. Maybe if I just keep quiet for a while and go about my business I will be safe. I hope there are a few that will seek to still protect me from the others. I really don’t know, I’m terrified of the future if there even is one! That is why I need to write this down in the hopes someone will find it and be able to stop them before it is too late.

August 10, 2017

Heed my warnings! It’s is coming! Be afraid, be very afraid! Man has feared the dark since the dawn of time. That which lies just beyond your sight lurking in the darkness. That which lies in the shadows, a noise here a thump there. For all our so-called advancements in society today, we have only skimmed the surface of the National framework of this small blue planet and the life which lies thereon.

August 11, 2017

Remember this as you lay in your nice comfy bed tonight, snuggled up nice and warm with a feeling of security and superiority in your blankets inside you house or apartment. As you lay there listen to the creaking boards, and those little sounds outside your bedroom window a scrapping a low moan. Is it nothing or is it the life on the earth preparing to take revenge for the destruction man has caused, the life that man has taken from this world.

August 12, 2017

I first heard of these creatures when I was very young. I was up at Kups, a small candy store and sodas shop down the street from where I grew up. I heard a couple of old timers speaking about them, most everyone in the establishment were not paying attention to them, but, for myself, as an inquisitive child I listened intently to their tails. Follows is what I remember:

They were talking about the tails of Bigfoot, in the Pacific Northwest, the Chupacabra in the south and the Yeti in the Himalayas. One man, an archaeologist, was telling the other man how these creatures once inhabited much of the world but with the rise and spread of man in Eurasia the creatures were pushed to the brink of extinction and only survived in remote areas they survived in the America’s and lived in harmony with the native Americans

When the Europeans came this fragile harmony between man and beasts was broken and the early European immigrants were hell bent on their destruction and hunted them without mercy. It was a slaughter of these poor gentle creatures

When America gained its freedom from England they went full force into their destruction. The. County needed new immigrants to populate this expansive country and they could not let word get out of huge hairy creatures populating the countryside, so they were hunted, and any record of their existence was erased and soon any memories became legend and stories told around the campfire. Soon, here in the new world, as had happened in the old world, they were pushed to the remotest of areas. Still today the government denies their existence even with the continued mounting evidence of such

After I heard this I found it fascinating but didn’t really believe it and thought it was no more than ramblings of old men. But soon events would happen in my life, which would open my eyes to their existence.

August 13, 2017

As I said, I was very young when I first heard the legend of the Keeneyville swamp monster, and at first, I didn’t believe it. That all changed one day. Across from my home there was a forest, we all called it the dried up, because in the Center of this, at Times dark forest, was a pond surrounded by a marshy area. In the winter we would use it for ice skating, but every summer the waster would all dry up. Hence the name

As I said I was very young, I don’t think school age yet. I had been out there a few times with kids from the neighborhood, but one day I decided to go out there on my own. when I was young I would take chances and end up getting myself stuck at times. Well this was one of those times. I decided to climb a tree, to gain a better perspective of my surroundings, all well and good, until I climbed a branch too far and it snapped and before I knew it I found myself dangling 4 feet above the ground, upside down.

What happened is that when the branch snapped I began to fall and my boot got caught in the branches, it saved me from falling, which was a good thing. But now I was stuck, hanging upside down in the furthest, darkest part hold the forest, with no one around to help me, and no hope that anybody would come by soon, before nightfall and the cooling temperature. No one knew where I was at either, in those days we left the house in the morning played all day and came home for dinner, our parents never knew where we were at or what we were doing, especially in the swampy backwaters of Keeneyville

Just as I hung there pondering what to do, how I was to get out of this situation, it happened, I saw my first swamp monster lurking through the woods, I held my breath in hopes that it would not spot me helplessly hanging from the tree thought I was a goner if it saw me. Just then it stopped in its tracks, sniffed the air and turned towards me and let out this deep low growl. At that point my life passed before my eyes and then…

August 14, 2017

Wait, stop! What am I doing? What am I saying, no one will believe me, I do not know if I can believe me anymore? Did this happen, or did I imagine it? If it is true, the memories over the following years are just to painful to think about. It cannot be true, yet I know it is, I don’t want it to be true, it hurts so much, I need to bury it deep within, the pain is too great and what they did is horrifying. I need to block it out, I must block it out, I must forget, but it is still there, the pain is there, eating away at me day in and day out.

There are those that I had known that simply disappeared because of them. Some were considered run aways. Others it was believed that they were kidnapped and sold into childhood slavery somewhere or into some child trafficking ring. I know what really happened to them, and why. The creature had taken them and killed them because of what they had done to me.

I really cannot think about this right now, I cannot bear it. I have said enough, maybe too much, but people must know. The memories cannot die with me. You need to know what is happening, what has happened and what is going to happen. I cannot do this anymore, I cannot write anything else today.

August 20, 2017

Nothing has happened yet, but I’m sure it will happen soon. It was hope against hope that I would be spared, but I fear it will not be. I know that they are coming for me. I have been hearing more and more of their movements in the swamps and the woods I have not seen any of them in almost a month now.

To be continued

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