• Kevin Luke

Swamp Monster - Second Installment

Chapter one - Book of Trevor - Continued

August 22, 2017

As my dog, Matilda, and I left for our walk at 3:27 am., we could hear what sounded dogs barking and howling from different parts of the neighborhood. Most of our morning respite was uneventful, but Matilda was on edge, not sniffing the ground on the edge of the road as usual, but walking more in the street, looking and looking more and more into the predawn darkness which enveloped us. She was looking at or for something that always remained just out of sight. She was very much on edge

As we were completing our last leg of the walk and headed back to the warmth and safety of home, her nervous tension continued. Then it happened! As we were passing out of The swampy area and coming up on Armstrong’s old place, which borders the swamp, something peering at us through the darkness It was standing next to the tree line, just looking, watching every move we made, maybe there looking for an early morning breakfast. Searching for just for just one mistake, one weakness where it would have the opportunity to attack and be able to fill its empty belly once again.

August 24, 2017

Oh my gosh, just arrived home from my evening walk with Matilda, it’s pitch black out there. As we entered the swamp area, she began pulling and I heard the cattails moving on both disused of the street. I could hear other neighborhood dogs barking wildly. Something was out there. I think they are gathering for something, not sure how much longer I can hold out before they come after me.

August 30, 2017

I need to get this update on the critters around here in the event I don’t get back one of these nights, for a warning that there is something out there, it could be dangerous or not.

Last night, when I took Matilda out, for the last time, around 8:20 pm, the dog was really on edge, sniffing and trying to chase things that were out of my sight in the dark, even when I shinned the flashlight in that direction.

When we got to where the road runs through the swamp, she was very on edge and trying to pull away to go after something. I could hear something moving in the swamp I looked and as we walked it would move as well. I could see the cattails moving as it moved. It was about three feet in the swamp moving in the same direction as we were. After I did a good scan shinning the light into the swamp, I must have scared it because it stopped moving and I heard it no more.

September 1, 2017

The moon was bright at 4:30 AM as I took Matilda out for her morning walk. Withheld soon onset of winter and the time of lean, the coyotes and swamp monsters were active trying to put on their winter weight to see them through this time when food will be scarce. In the distance I could hear their cries as dogs were barking at them as these creatures passed by. Later in my walk, I could hear the cracking of the bones as some small beast was being devoured by one of these larger creatures. The circle of life continues as always.

September 8, 2017

Here it is My latest report from the wilds of Keeneyville I know it has been almost a week since my last report. As I took my dog Matilda out for her last walk on the deep all-encompassing darkness at 8:15 this evening I took my usual route north on Wheaton Rd from the house down into the swampy area first as we drew near the swamp Matilda began to pick up multiple scents where, I don’t know what followed a path across the road. As we continued into and began to cross through the swamp I began hearing sounds emanating from the swamp and as we drew close to the crab hole I heard the sound of cracking branches and swamp grass from the east side of the road, only a few feet from where we were walking, as if something large was making its way through the depths of the dark swamp. When I shined my flashlight to the area where the sound came from it stopped briefly. I crossed over to the west side of the road and started walking south again away from the sound area, it continued to continue in our direction until we finally moved up and out of the lowlands into civilization once again.

September 30, 2017

It has been strangely quiet. I have not heard or seen them for weeks, maybe its over, maybe they changed their mind and I’m safe. I certainly hope so, I guess I can start letting my guard down I think the worst is over and I can now get on with things and put all of this behind me.

October 8, 2017

I heard them this morning, I thought that they were gone, but they are not, I heard them. As Matilda and I were on our walk, I could hear their cries from across the swamp, it sounded like there were hundreds of them, all crying together. They are going to do it, I know they will. I must run; I must hide. If they don’t get me I’m sure the police will. They will find the bodies, I know they will, and the creatures will make sure of it. Then it will all lead back to me! That has been my deepest fear all these years, that is how the creatures kept me with them. What is going to happen, what is happening. I never imagined it would come to this point that I would have to take responsibility for what they did.

I cannot sleep at night; the thoughts and memories keep racing though my head and I’m haunted by the voices and the screams. I cannot do this anymore! I must run, I must hide. I must go, to find, somewhere where no one will ever find me. How will I hide from the memories, the voices within my head?

I think I have a few days, before all hell breaks loose, or at least I hope I do. I have enough cash, so I can run and not be found. I must get out of here and leave my old life behind and not be found. Tomorrow, yes tomorrow I will go, I’ll go out early with Mathilda and then we will leave and hide.

Chapter Two

911 this is officer Jenny Kiel; what is your emergency?

This is Karrie Kostner, you got to help! Send the Sherriff, and hurry, it sounds like someone is being attacked by a lion or a bear out here.

Relax Karrie, what is your location?

You got to hurry! Get someone out here! My address, I can’t remember, ah, I live on Lawrence Ave right by the Central DuPage Bike trail, in Keeneyville IL by the bridge that goes over the swamp, please hurry I’m scared, get someone out here!

You will be okay, Karrie, just stay I n your house and DO NOT go outside! I have your location here on my screen and I will be sending someone right away! Now stay on the line while I contact the sheriff. I’ll be right back.

Thanks Jenny,

Jenny puts Karrie on hold and puts a call to Sherriff James Clark

The phone rings three times and a sleepy sheriff answers the phone. Hello, this better be important to wake me at three o’clock in the morning!

Jim, this is Jenny at the call center, you need to get moving it looks like we have another one.

Another what?

Another attack Jenny says sternly.

Not again, Jim says, how many people have seen it this time?

It’s early said Jenny and the area looks a little rural and I have only received one call, and I told her to remain inside.

That is good, okay, call officer Christine Chylewski, she is on tonight and is up to speed on what needs to be done. We cannot let word get out this time, we need to keep this quiet. Oh, also call Gary Gonzalez at the FBI, and bring him up to speed on this. I’ll be out there as soon as I can, send me the address.

Okay, Jenney said calmly, I have already send the information to your phone. I’ll radio

Christine right now

Make sure you do this on the secure channel, we do not want any , "want to be" cops picking up our messages about this on their police scanners. Then going out and taking videos and posting them to the net.

Got it said Jenny

Deputy Sherriff, Chylewski come in, over

This is Christine, is that you Jenny, must be something big that you are using the secure line.

It is said Jenny, we have another incident, it sounds like it is them again.

Okay, Jenny, I’ll get my team ready and close off the area and get the special medical unit, so we can keep this quiet., oh, by the way Jenny, ...

To Be continued

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