• Kevin Luke

Time to Change your life

So, life has not turned out like you planned! It sucks sometimes, and you just do not know why!

Yes, you can come up with all kinds of excuses, blame this blame that, but in the end, there is only one thing responsible for the condition that you are in and that one thing is YOU!!!


The choices and decisions that you made yesterday and all the days before brought you to where you are at today. They were your choices your decisions, no one else’s. Only you are responsible for you. Likewise, the choices and decisions that you make today, that you made yesterday, and all the days prior will determine what your life will be like tomorrow and into the future.

So, if your life sucks today, guess what it will suck tomorrow and the day after, all the days after, unless you change the choices and decisions that you make.

Now that really sucks!!


There is only one thing that you can do, you need to change your choices, your decisions and your perspective on life.

Life is not supposed to suck, it is supposed to be better than that. It can be, it will be better, but you must do some work to make it so.

Let me let you in on a little secret, you are right now, exactly where you were meant to be. Yes, life sucks, but because it sucks and you realize that it sucks, you now know that you need to make changes to your life, so it does not suck anymore. These changes will give you a better life, transform you into a better, greater person. These changes will make you the person that you always wanted and were meant to be.

As humans we were never meant to be stagnate, rather to continually grow, change and evolve into something greater, something better than what we were yesterday. We are born, we grow, we change and then for some reason we get stuck in a rut. The pressures of life force us into a life, an existence that we do not like, never dreamed that we would have, and we give up.

Do not give up!

Do not give in!

Fight on, continue to grow in life. You do not have to remain in a life that you hate!

It is well past time to make a change.

Don’t let your past to continue to determine your future.

Sometimes these changes we make willingly, more times than not, they are forced upon us.

So how do you make the changes, how do you make your life not suck anymore?

In order to make changes we need to determine what is wrong, what changes must be made. We need to analyze our decision-making process to see where we error.

Once we have done that, we determine if what needs change is just a simple change in perspective or something more drastic.

The simple fact it though, we all need to change.

If we do not make changes, if we do not find out where your shortcomings are, life will continue to hurt us.

It may not be your entire life. Overall life may be good, and more times than not you are happy. It could be one or two aspects of your life.

Are you having problems in your relationships? This goes deeper than just finding the right person to spend your life with, it can go into your relationships with friends, family, children, coworkers or those that you just met.

Speaking of work, are you having problems at work with you boss, or maybe you are not happy with your job or how your work life has turned out. Do you have problems with your clients and customers, or with making sales?

These are other examples of how our choices, decisions and perspectives can hurt us and need to be changed so we can have a fulfilling life.

Guess what, you are in luck, I can help you to change your life. It is something that you must do, but I can assist you in the process through my life coaching. I will provide you with a link to my website so you can schedule a session today. I can offer you a free session with any paid plan. So, click on the link and lets bet you on the road to a fulfilled life!