• Kevin Luke

Who I am

In business and in personal life we are to strive for greatness and success, for myself I have always worked to push myself through and past, my emotional and physical limitations.

In 1989 I was involved in a car accident in Montana. i was in bad shape, so bad that the hospital contacted my family in Chicago telling them to get to Montana as soon as they could because they did not expect me to live.

Well 29 years later, Through much pain and perseverance I’m still here. More than surviving, I was released hospital months ahead Schedule, I was told I would be in physical and occupational therapy for at least a year, I was out in Two months. In the accident I had a broken neck among many other injuries, I was told that I would nev have full range of motion on my head. i did not accept that diagnosis and I work and have gained my full range of motion once again.

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I wrote, published and sold my book, the Lord will provide with no background in writing or publishing. I just set my mind to it and did it.

that is the way I was raised. You don’t let anything stop you, the only thing that limits you are your own idea. You change your thoughts and perception and you change yourself and future

I learned self reliance and if I was to achieve anything it would be on my own. I have always striven to push beyond the limits set by myself and others.

I know if I mess up it’s on me and no one else. As some know , once I have it in my head that I want something I will do all I can to achieve and I really don’t really care about what others do or what they say I can do for no one really knows me but me myself and I am somebody shooting for the Stars

I have received training and have been certified as a life coach. I did this so I could help others push beyond their self imposed limits.

To show people that they don’t have to listen to others that tell them they can’t achieve things in life. We can’t listen to those that try to place their own self imposed limits on you.

Before2010 and the Great Recession I had a thriving business ans made a lot of money but that all came crashing down, you can find out more in my book

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When my business was going down in the big recession I took on two other jobs to work at saving my house and family.

For a while I worked all three with only taking short naps in between for days on end. I have tested other careers, after the business failed and I still am testing. Always working to get back and go beyond where I was before the recession

When things were real bad, I spent hours and hours digging in an old barn for scraps of copper that I could turn in for money. I don’t sit back but keep pushing forward onward and upward.

This is the determination that I will seek to bring out in others as a life coach

Do not let your mind or others stop you you too can achieve. You to can have your dreams come true. You to can live a fulfilled life

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