• Kevin Luke

Why do bad things happen after things have been so good

So many times in life we can wonder, why so often bad things happen after the good? Over the years I often have wondered this myself. I first began to come to the realization why decades ago.

My employment was in a 100% commission based business, and as many know that can be a struggle at times. All to often it is either feast or famine! One can never be sure which one was coming up next. One could never count on a payday, until all the documents were signed and the deal successfully completed

Many times I would be struggling and working towards a big payday and everything would finally be completed and I would think, this is great I have more than enough money to carry me through for a while until my next big paydays would come in. I finally have stability.

Then all if a sudden, after a few days, something would happen, the car would need an unseen expensive repair or something else that was expensive that I did not plan on, and before I knew it all my money was gone and it was back to the hand to mouth struggle, robbing Peter to pay Paul to get by.

More times than not, the thought would come to mind, why did God bless me so just to take it all away again?

Have you ever felt this way?

After going through this for a while, my perspective began to change. Through a deep analysis of the whole situation, with faith and many prayers, I slowly began to realize something. It was not God taking something away after He had blessed me, rather it was God blessing me today so I would have the funds to take care of the problems that were going to happen tomorrow!

Over the years, as I look back on my life, I have found that this not only happens financially but in all aspects of our lives.

We go through pains and struggles, I have had my share and some are detailed in my book, Available on Amazon, The Lord will Provide

Everything that we live through, both the good and the bad, is shaping and molding us, preparing us for what is coming next.

This could be circumstances that we have to live through. It could be a learning experience for us so we can be there as a help and support for someone else that is going through a similar tough time. In short, what we live through is meant to teach us, to show us something.

Many times it is meant as a

  • Teaching of faith, to grow into a deeper faith in God

  • It can be used to teach us to have love and empathy for others.

  • It can be used to tech us not to be judgmental and closed minded

  • It can be used to tech us patience

And many more things

Back in 2018, I lived through the beginning and ending of what I thought was the greatest relationship of my life. When it ended I was devastated! For much of 2018 and 2019 I did not know what to do with myself, it was like my world had ended. My heart was crushed, my mind was spinning.

Now that I’m past all of the self pity, I find that what I lived through, painful as it was, is the greatest thing that ever happened to me. It caused me to completely reassess myself, discover who I really was and shear many parts if me that were causing me harm. It made me a better, more complete person.

Now I’m ready, this new me is ready to move forward into a brighter future, even with all the challenges and pitfalls that are around the next vend in the path. The Lord has blessed and prepared me and my faith is in Him, I know that He will always provide and help, all we need to do is ask and follow